Dealer / Retailer Incentives

Volume-based incentives.  
A hand tool manufacturer uses our Classic Bomber as an incentive for dealers/distributors. At various purchase levels the dealer earns points redeemable for his/her choice of merchandise premiums. The product was bulk shipped and stored at the manufacturer until distribution to dealers.  
Manufacturer redemption promotions.  
National candy manufacturer used a 3-tier promotion. 3 jacket styles were offered in low, medium, and high price ranges. Sales reps were entitled to offer to buyers their choice based on the number of retailer promo racks purchased. Jackets were drop-shipped to designated recipients undecorated.  
Product-specific sales rewards programs.  
Regional floor-covering distributor selected our Executive as an incentive for retailers to purchase particular groups of products. We drop-shipped the jacket directly to the dealers as they became eligible.