Embossing is an extremely attractive and effective way to decorate on leather. It provides a subtle way of stating a message.

At Q-Gar, we offer
cavity embossing for our Canadian-made styles, and debossing for both Canadian-made and import jackets.
Although there are some minimum size requirements for lettering and other small designs, embossing can be placed nearly everywhere leather is present.
  Camera-ready artwork is necessary to create a die of the logo or design.
  Please submit artwork as close to desired size as possible.
  Approximate dimensions (height/width) of desired embossed size.
  Approval of the design is required before actual embossing.
(Upon completion of the die, an embossed leather sample will be provided for approval)
Embossing charges are based on volume, size, placement, and complexity of the design(s). We have very reasonable die charges. Typical left chest dies will range between $90-$150, which is a one-time fee. Full back die charges will be based on size and complexity of the design.
Turn Around
Normal turn around time for finished goods is 2-4 weeks. Expedited service may be available depending on season. Longer lead times may be necessary depending on complexity of the order.
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